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Following the adoption of the “Sabayang 4-O’clock Habit para Deng-Get Out” of the Department of Health (DOH), Acting Gov. Shirley A. Abundo signed an Executive Order (EO) on Wednesday, August 7, 2019, urging a province-wide clean-up drive to intensify the prevention of more dengue cases in Catanduanes.

Dubbed as the “Anti-Dengue Day,” every 4 P.M. of every Friday for the months of August and September shall be reserved for the clean-up drive of all government agencies, local government units, schools, offices and communities to search and destroy mosquito breeding sites.

Said clean up-drive shall be for a minimum of two hours to a maximum of four hours every Friday.

The public is also urged to practice the 4S Strategy by the DOH in combating the mosquito-borne disease. The strategy consists of the following:

  • Search and destroy mosquito breeding places
  • Self-protective measures like wearing long sleeves and use of insect repellent
  • Seek early consultation on the first signs and symptoms of the disease
  • Say yes to fogging if there is an impending outbreak

It can be noted that DOH has declared a National Dengue epidemic on August 6, 2019, citing a 98% higher dengue cases rate than the same period in 2018.




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