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LOOK:Despite previous posts from local media, the Provincial Government ensured that strict measures be implemented for both entry and exit of APORs’ relatives and families.

The Provincial Government earlier today release a communiqué and an order to deny travel to the relatives and families of Authorized Persons Outside of Residences (APORs) to and from the province.

A letter to PO1 Rhodes Adamos, Sub-Station Commander of CGS Tabaco revealed that the families and relatives of some APORs were allowed to board, despite only the APOR having complete documents.

“This scenario may put our province at risk of infection. In this regard, we would like to request your good Office to deny the boarding of APORs’ relatives and families who do not possess the required travel documents,” the letter stated.

Another concurrent memo ordered the strict denial of exit from the province for APORs’ families and relative that lack documents, “in view of the need to intensify the implementation of our anti-COVID-19 measures and in order to complement the efforts of other provinces especially the Province of Albay.”


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