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‘HINULID’ IN THE ISLAND. Catandunganon audience, mostly students, had their experience of Nora Aunor’s first film in her mother tongue, Hinulid. The film sets in motion the rise of Bicol cinema, as aimed by its director, Kristian Sendon Cordero.

In line with its efforts to cultivate culture and the arts in the province, the Governor’s Office headed by Gov. Joseph C. Cua, held a two-day free screening of a Bikol film starring superstar Nora Aunor at the Catanduanes Convention Center, December 10-11, 2018.

The film, Hinulid, is directed by award-winning Bicolano writer and filmmaker, Kristian Sendon Cordero. Using Bikol-Rinconada as its medium and Iriga as its setting, it centers on a story of a mother who lost her son in a fraternity-related hazing violence, traversing tropes of poetics, philosophy, religion, myth and culture.


REEL TO REAL. Hinulid director Kristian Sendon Cordero provides valuable insights on film making to the audience. He also emphasized the value of language and essence of context in any creative process.


A highly-acclaimed film in the national and international scene, Hinulid also received loud cheers and applauses from Catandunganon audience.

“Gusto ko talaga kasu film Magayon buda ang gagayon kasu mga metaphors na tigalamit. Ang astig kan cinematography,” said Donna Mae Ramirez, 18, a student from Catanduanes State University.

Meanwhile, Calatagan High School teacher Reashiela L. Khan, in her Facebook post, enumerated the insights she gained from the movie.

“Kaipuhan na maipabalangibog na igwang magayon na estorya sa parteng ini nin mundo sa motion art – an medium na may kakayahan na maipahiling an realidad sa relasyon nin mga tao sa saindang palibot, sa mga bagay na gibo kan sadiri nindang kamot, buda sa kada saro,” she pointed out.

More than 200 students and teachers from institutions like Catanduanes State University, Catanduanes National High School, Buyo Integrated School, and Viga Rural Development High School, as well as some literary and film enthusiasts, attended the free screening.


Some snapshots from the free screening


Bikol for Bicol

In his post-movie discussion, Cordero shared that this is the first time that Nora Aunor starred in a film in her mothertongue. He shared how the movie has been conceptualized as early as 2013 and journeyed to becoming a feature full-length film shown in 2016.

The film has been screened in various places in mainland Bikol, and in its first-time in Catanduanes.

Cordero conveyed his aspirations of the rise of Bikol cinema that showcases the intricacies of Bicolanos’ worldview or context.

He also urged the audience to delve to their own language and cultivate stories rooted to the Bicolano identity.

“You have to be sensitive with your language. Ining mga ideya na ini, mga usipon, istorya, mas magayon asin mas hararom sa Bikol,” Cordero said.

“Daing ibang makakagibo asin makakamati kauni kundi kita,” he added.

Hinulid Image
Award-winning writer and director, Mr. Kristian Sendon Cordero, poses with the Hinulid poster at the Catanduanes Convention Center. Currently the Deputy Director of Ateneo De Naga University Press, Cordero is also a professor, a translator, and a poet.


Culture Advocate

The official Facebook page of Hinulid lauded the provincial government specifically Governor Joseph Cua for the efforts to help proliferate the literature and arts in the province.

With the governor keen on advocating the cultural identity and heritage of Catanduanes, the provincial government has supported a number of programs and activities aimed to cultivate the soft elements of the province, such as the co-sponsoring the launching of budding literary-advocacy group, SurTe; book launching of Pwera Bisita, a collection of Catandunganon stories authored by two-time Palanca awardee Emmanuel Barrameda; and literary workshop with poets Lourd de Veyra and Allan Popa.


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