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Welcome to the official website of the Provincial Government of Catanduanes!

Catanduanes, derived from the word "tandu" or beetle, is a land of endless possibilities. Located in the eastern seaboard of the Pacific, our island province was formerly known as the "Land of the Howling Winds" due to the number of typhoons that would frequently visit our province.

However, due to its inhabitants' trademark for tenacity and resilience, we have learned to harness our unique geographical location and rich natural resources into opportunities for growth and development, hence, the new moniker "The Happy Island".

Driven by our commitment to empower and uplift the lives of our fellow Catandunganons through Jobs Generation, Organizational Efficiency, Social Service, Educational and Environmental Stewardship, Power Development, and Health reforms and initiatives, we have witnessed the transformation of our beloved island province from a laid back and little known island in the Bicol Region to an emerging tourist destination blessed with a thriving economy and industry.

I urge you then to explore the wonders of Catanduanes; immerse yourself in our rich cultural heritage and experience the joy of living among the last green frontiers of our country.

Sulong Catandungan, Sulong Pilipinas!

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The Happy Island
The Land of the Howling Winds

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