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Provincial Social Welfare and Development Office


A province where the poor, vulnerable and disadvantaged individuals, families and communities are socially protected and empowered to actively participate in decision-making on matters affecting their lives



To promote the rights and welfare of the poor, vulnerable and disadvantaged individuals, families and communities through provision of social welfare and development programs, projects and activities in coordination with other local government units (lgus), ngos, pos, and other stakeholders including members of the civil society organizations



  1. To empower the poor, vulnerable and disadvantaged individuals, families and communities and  enable them to participate in decision-making affecting their lives through  individual casework, family /groupwork or community organization
  1. To implement social welfare and development programs, projects and services in response to the bio psycho-social needs of the disadvantaged sectors of the province : children, youth, senior citizen, persons with disability, women and internally displaced persons.
  1. Develop and strengthen linkages with gos, ngos, pos, and other stakeholders in promoting the rights and welfare of the vulnerable sectors of the population such as: children, youth, women, the elderly, persons with disabilities and internally displaced persons.



  • Aid to Individuals in Crisis Situation (AICS) – provision of financial or material assistance to clients in distress (all category). These are: medical assistance, burial assistance, educational assistance or transportation assistance.
  • Protective and Psychological services to disadvantaged women and children – through counselling, stress debriefing/post traumatic stress debriefing, referral to other NGAs or NGOs, referral for legal services and psychological/psychiatric tests.
  • Disaster Relief – the provision of food and non-food items to internally displaced persons or victims of calamities ( man-made or natural).
  • Other Services – in coordination with the Local Government Units through the Municipal Social Welfare and Development officer, the PSWDO is handling programs and services for the following sectors:
  • 1. For children in the day care centers through the Early Childhood Care and Development Program (ECCD) – Day Care Workers or Child Development Workers are organized province-wide to form the Provincial Federation of Day Care Workers. They meet regularly to discuss issues and concerns and where the provincial government can assist. Observance of national and international commitments such as, National Children’s Month, is observed in the provincial level
  • 2. Youth Welfare Program- Through the MSWDOs, special cases of children and youth are given specific social work intervention to address their particular needs.
  • 3. Women Welfare Program- through the organization of Provincial KALIPI (Kalipunan ng Liping Pilipina) represented by the different Municipal Federation Presidents issues and concerns of the women sector are addressed in the Provincial Level; such skills training and livelihood projects, women empowerment and campaigns to end violence against women and children. The Provincial Inter-Agency Council Against Trafficking-Violence Against Women and Children (PIACAT-VAWC) is organized and activated by involving the council in the conduct of rescue operations and other protocols to safeguard the rights and offer protection to women and children who are victimized by violence especially trafficking. International laws and national laws are implemented in the Provincial level such as RA 9262, 18-day campaign to end violence against women, etc.
  • 4. Program for Senior Citizens /Elderly – A provincial Federation of Senior Citizens (FSCAP) actively meet to address their particular concerns. As per RA _____, they plan on how to utilize the 1% allocated to them for various programs and projects. International commitment and national  
  • 5. Commitments are observed such as the Observance of Sr. Citizens Week, and implementation of 20% discounts on purchases and VAT exemptions. They are working on the construction of Sr. Citizens Center.
  • 6. Program for Persons with Disabilities – A provincial federation of Persons with Disabilities has been organized and regularly hold their meetings in the province. Their needs and problems are being addressed to with funding support from the 1% provincial budget per RA ____. Advocacy on the Rights and Privileges of PWDs are part of the campaign for their empowerment. Likewise, the Persons with Disability Affairs Office (PDAO) is being conceptualized for implementation in 2017
  • 7. Counseling for couples with marital problems – this is a one-one counselling for married couples with marital problems, family relationship and other type of crisis confronting them.
  • 8. As member of the Community Rehabilitation Team in the Province, discuss the needs of drug surrenderers referred for further psycho-social services within the PSWDO’s range of frontline services.
  • 9. As member of the Comprehensive Local Integration Program Committee for Former Rebel (CLIP) – contribute to the rehabilitation of former rebels by facilitating them to avail of programs and services implemented by various government agencies, like: TESDA, DOLE, DTI, PSWDO, DEP ED, DOH, religious institutions etc.
Requirements for Wheelchair
  1. Certificate of Indigency
  2. Medical certificate (latest)
  3. Whole body picture
  4. Social Case Study
  5. Photocopy of valid ID
Requirements for Walking Cane
  1. Certificate of Indigency
  2. Whole body picture
  3. Photocopy of valid ID

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Provincial Social Welfare and Development Office

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  • Ma. Rosella N. Taraya, RSW
  • Provincial Social Welfare and Development Officer Department Head

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