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Provincial Treasurer’s Office


“A treasury, worthy of public trust is custody of fund, serving a self reliant community willing & able to answer the call through a timely, accessible, ethical, efficient & effective quality of public service”


“We, the custodian of people’s fund, to exercise proper fund management & maximize all revenue sources through an uphold tax information system in strong partnership with a tax-conscious citizenry”

  • Payment of property transfer tax
  • Payment of different fees (certification, sale of waste materials, etc.)
  • Payment of professional tax
  • Payment of tax on amusement
  • Payment of tax on sand and gravel
  • Payment of tax on delivery truck/van
  • Claim of approved checks
  • Issuance of certificate of appearance
Schedule of Availability of the Service

Monday to Friday – 8:00 am to 5:00 pm without noon break

Payment of Property Transfer Tax

Who may avail of the Service: Those who are processing for a Certificate of Land Title

What are the Requirements: 

  • Original Copy of Certificate Authorizing Registration(CAR) from Bureau of Internal Revenue
  • One(1) original/duplicate copy of Documents transferring ownership(e.g. Deed of Absolute Sale, Extrajudicial Settlement of Real Property, etc.)
  • One(1) original copy of Real Property Tax (current) payments
  • One(1) original copy of Latest Tax Declaration and Tax Declaration during the execution of the sale/barter, etc.
Payment of Different Fees(Certification, Sale of Waste Materials, etc.)

Who may avail of the Service: All Persons concerned

What are the Requirements: Order of payment from the originating office

Payment of Professional Tax

Who may avail of the Service: All professionals under the Professional Regulations Commission and practicing in private (not working in the Government)

What are the Requirements: Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) Card and 1 photocopy

Payment of Tax on Amusement

Who may avail of the Service: All persons/entity whose business involves cockfighting, theater, etc.

What are the Requirements: Current business/mayor’s permit of the establishment where it is located

Payment of Tax on Sand and Gravel

Who may avail of the Service: Concessionaire on Sand and Gravel.

What are the Requirements: 

  1.  ENRO Clearance
  2. Mayor’s Permit or Business Permit
Payment of Tax on Delivery Truck/Van

Who may avail of the Service: All persons who have vehicle/s used for delivery of goods in the province of Catanduanes

What are the Requirements: 

  1. Photocopy of LTO Registration
  2. Official Receipt issued by LTO
Claim of Approved Checks

Who may avail of the Service: All persons who have approved claims in the Provincial Government of Catanduanes and authorized to receive such claim

What are the Requirements: 

    1. Personal Appearance with ID of any of the following:

  • Employee’s ID/DILG ID
  • Voter’s ID
  • Driver’s License
  • Passport

    2. Special Power of Attorney with copy of the ID of the true claimant and the authorized person to claim

Issuance of Certificate of Appearance

Who may avail of the Service: All person who have official transactions and personally appeared in the office and requires a Certificate of Appearance

What are the Requirements: None

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Provincial Treasurer's Office

Marilou M. Vargas
Provincial Treasurer


Erme T. Tablante
Assistant Provincial Treasurer


Administrative Division


Ramonlito T. Tabuzo
Administrative Officer V

Asuncion B. Tuzon
Administrative Aide VI

Armando T. Dela Cruz
Administrative Aide IV

Revenue Operation Division


Senen S. Razal
Local Treasury Operation Officer IV

Jocelyn T. Deinla
Local Treasury Operation Officer III

Maria C. Francisco
Local Treasury Operation Officer I

Robel T. Tolledo
Administrative Aide IV

Antonio Q. Frias
Ticket Checker I

Ma. Teresa A. Tejada
Ticket Checker I

Field Supervision Division


Exaltacion S. Vargas
Local Revenue Collection Officer IV
Rosalind B. Ubalde
Local Treasury Operation Officer I

Mary Ann T. Abitria
Administrative Aide IV
Cash Receipts Division


Agnes A. Escaro
Local Revenue Collection Officer I

Neil S. Del Valle
Local Revenue Collection Officer I

Venerando I. Frias Jr.
Revenue Collection Clerk II

Jesus Dante C. Molet
Revenue Collection Clerk II

Cash Disbusements Division


Linda S. Triumfante
Supervising Administrative Officer

Maria Gracia V. Borja
Administrative Officer I

Teresa E. Torio
Administrative Aide IV

Jocelyn G. Lim
Administrative Aide IV

Provincial Treasurer’s Office

  • Headed by:
  • Marilou M. Vargas
  • Provincial Treasurer

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