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To improve data gathering

PHO holds training for brgy nutrition coordinators

The Provincial Health Office (PHO) through the support of the Department of Health (DOH) Regional Office V and the Provincial Government of Catanduanes spearheaded the training for the Development of Barangay Program Coordinators on Nutrition Program participated by the midwives, Barangay Nutrition Scholars (BNS) and Barangay Health Workers (BHWs) which was conducted on Oct. 30, Nov. 3, 7 and 8 at Rhaj Inn in Virac.

The 4-day training initiated by the PHO and funded by the DOH is one of the steps of the province to combat malnutrition, starting with equipping the participants on the proper and accurate data gathering at the barangay level to harmonize the data on the nutrition status of the children in the community.

Dr. Hazel Palmes, Provincial Health Officer II said that the PHO saw the need to have barangay coordinators improve the system in the localities in terms of data gathering as she pointed out that health problems will not be addressed if there are dissimilarities in the records of the barangay health workers.

Moreover, Dr. Palmes highlighted that Catanduanes has the highest malnutrition rate and considered the data quality as one of the factors why said information hasn’t change over the years.

Through the training, in cooperation with the nutrition council headed by Ms. Marites Curativo, Provincial Nutrition Officer, they developed a nutrition program to come up with a scheme where there will be one data on nutrition at the barangays.

“Ito po dinidevelop natin ang coordinator per barangay para po lahat po marereach out,” she stated adding that they will be more efficient because of designating only one coordinator for each program in a manner that communication will immediately reach the target clients, whatever program it will be.



Dr. Palmes said that securing quality data as the first step of the province to realize different health programs will be followed by series of trainings, and identification of problems.

On the other hand, Ms. Curativo explained that the training will ensure that children in the remotest areas will be reached out and rendered appropriate services.

Furthermore, she stated that with the accurate data, they can come up with the interventions needed and programs to be implemented in order to solve the province’s malnutrition problem.

To effectively implement the program, the Provincial Nutrition Officer explained that the midwife will serve as the team leader while the BNS or BHW will serve as the focal person and the record keeper in the conduct of programs like the Operation Timbang (OPT) Plus, which was also the focus of the training.

With the commitment of the country to the United Nations to attain the Sustainable Development Goals; the province has identified ten critical programs as the focus of the trainings they are holding and will be holding.

PHO likewise conducted trainings on the TB Program, Disease Surveillance and Barangay Health Emergency Response Teams (BHERTs), and will also conduct series of trainings on other health programs.

The conduct of said training garnered big support from Governor Joseph C. Cua since one of his priority programs is to solve the prevalent malnutrition in the island-province and ensure that every Catandunganon are given proper healthcare.


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