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IMPROVING CRAB INDUSTRY. During the Preconstruction conference of the Mangrove Crab Trading Center, the PRDP team lays out the requirements needed to start the construction of the project.

With the aim to promote crab industry as one of our island’s prime commodities, the Provincial Local Government Unit (PLGU) of Catanduanes, in coordination with the Department of Agriculture (DA), Philippine Rural Development Project (PRDP) and other partner agencies, initiated the plan to construct a two-storey Mangrove Crab Trading Center/Office for Mangrove Crab Production and Marketing Enterprise.

The construction site will be at Barangay San Vicente in the municipality of Panganiban, which is known for its abundant mangrove crab and crablet resources.

According to Ms. Nelia Teves, provincial agriculturist, crab production and marketing is a multimillion enterprise. However, Catanduanes is not known for its rich crab industry. Many cities like General Santos, Roxas and Masbate and other provinces are buying crablets in the province without data regarding the source.

“Sa data, hindi namention ang Catanduanes na galing sa atin yung crabs na pinalaki from crablets,” Ms. Teves said.

She also shared why they came up with the idea to have a trading center for crablets.

“Base sa series of consultation workshops na pinag-conduct kan PRDP, it was found out that crabs is the third major commodity ng province, considering the number of people engaged in crablets and crab production and also the potentials sa market,” she said.

When asked regarding the benefits of having a Mangrove Trading Center in Panganiban, Ms. Teves said that with the help of the project, the individual crab gatherers and traders will directly consolidate with the Panganiban Fisherfolks Association (PFA) which will take charge of managing the trading center.

“In that case makakuha kita nin tamang data and mareregulate din natin itong illegal transport ta duman na talaga maagi,” she emphasized.

“So magkakaigwa ning dagdag na revenue for the province wherein itong shipment permit na one peso per piece, igwa siya nin share na 50% sa province, 20% sa munisipyo and 30% for the barangay where the crablets came from,” she furthered.

The fund to be used for the construction of trading center is under the Intensified Building Up of Infrastructure and Logistics for Development (IBUILD) component of PRDP where 80% will come from the World Bank, 10% from the DA and 10% from the PLGU.

The total project cost is Php 2,673,163.93 with a total floor area of 101.64 square meters to be finished within 166 calendar days with 24 unworkable days.

Guamor Construction and Supply from Pangpang, Sorsogon is the official contractor of the said project.

As soon as the Notice of Award (NOA) is given to the contractor, they would start the construction after receipt of the Notice to Proceed (NTP).

Meanwhile, a pre-construction conference was held on November 8, 2018 at the Provincial Administrator’s Conference Room to discuss the Implementation Management Agreement (IMA) as well as the roles and responsibilities of the contractor, the provincial government and the DA under the PRDP.

Likewise, all the requirements before the onset of construction including the award of contract were laid out to the concerned stakeholders during the conference.

So far, the Mangrove Crab Trading Center is the second project of the PLGU under the PRDP Program after the Abaca Fiber Processing and Trading Enterprise.


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