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The local government has enacted an ordinance that provides a mechanism on the release and safety of captured sea turtles in the shores of Catanduanes.

Provincial Ordinance No. 015, or the Save Our Sea Turtles (SOS) Ordinance, aims to enrichen the island’s biodiversity through a systematic process which includes the referral, tagging and release of sea turtles, captured intentionally or not, into its natural habitat.

Captured sea turtles should be turned over to the authorized officials of the Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Office (ENRO), Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR), together will the provincial government and other local government units (LGUs).

The sea turtles will undergo observation and measured, and will be tagged for identification and to locate them on succeeding occasions.

The turtles will then be released back to its natural habitat upon recommendation by the Provincial ENRO.

However, if the turtle is in critical condition, its release will be deferred for further observations and will temporarily shelter in the “Critical Habitat for Pawikans” in Brgy. Talisoy, Virac, where certain interventions will be given to ensure its survival.

On the other hand, incentives will be given to individuals who are able to turn over captured sea turtles. These include a cash incentive of P1500 per turtle, and a set of fishing gear and paraphernalia, both from the provincial government and BFAR.

The ordinance furthered the establishment of the “Catanduanes Center for Pawikan Conservation,” a proposed location that will hold interventions and studies that will contribute in providing better measures on ensuring the safety of these creatures.


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