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ENABLING OUR BNS FOR NUTRITION SERVICES. Barangay Nutrition Scholars (BNS) and Municipal Nutrition Action Officers (MNAOs) from the eleven municipalities convenes at the Capitol Dome for strengthening their capacity in rendering basic nutrition services in the communities.


Barangay Nutrition Scholars (BNS) along with their Municipal Nutrition Action Officers (MNAO) from the eleven municipalities were gathered by the Provincial Nutrition Office at the Provincial Capitol on December 11 for the Provincial Barangay Nutrition Scholars Congress with the theme “Strengthening BNS Capacity towards Maternal and Child Nutrition on the First 1000 days.”

The Congress was aimed at equipping and capacitating the BNS in delivering the basic nutrition and related health services in the localities and promotes nutrition health as well.

Governor Joseph C. Cua who conveyed his message through Provincial Administrator Lemuel Surtida assured the BNS of the unwavering support of the Provincial Government to any programs and activities that will aid services for the BNS to become more effective and efficient workers at the local level.


UNWAVERING SUPPORT FOR  THE FRONTLINERS OF HEALTH. Provincial Administrator conveys message of support of Governor Joseph C. Cua to the programs and activities of BNS at the local level.


“Being a BNS is such a big role, for the future and nutrition of our province’s children lies in your hands,” he highlighted.

Earlier, in his message PBM Gregorio Angeles, stressed that all the BNS should be aware of the status of the province pertaining to malnutrition.

He likewise highlighted that the BNS are considered frontliners in providing basic health and nutrition services in the 315 barangays.

As the Liga ng mga Barangay President, he proposed to all barangay captains to allocate fund in the gender development for feeding in all the barangays.

He also disclosed that he already proposed last year the additional P500 incentives for the barangay workers and will discuss about it to the Local Finance Committee (LFC) if the additional incentives for the BNS and other barangay workers who receive incentives such as BHWs, day care workers, and service point officers will be accommodated next year.

With the possible increase of their incentives, PBM Angeles challenged the BNS to effectively implement nutrition programs to alleviate malnutrition rate in the province by 2018 and attain zero malnutrition by 2019.


A CHALLENGE FOR ALL BNS. PBM Gregorio Angeles challenges all BNS to efficiently implement nutrition programs to alleviate malnutrition rate in the province with the proposed  increase of their incentives.


Moreover, he pointed out that allocation of fund for the barangay health workers will really help them to implement the necessary health programs in the barangay.

On the other hand, the BNS were reiterated of their duties and functions as Dr. Angel Albert Lamban discussed the Assessment and Referral of Children with Acute Malnutrition.

He focused on the types of malnutrition and methods in assessing nutritional status of children.

Meanwhile, Provincial Health Officer II, Dr. Hazel Palmes lectured on the Usage, Interpretation and Communicating Various Nutrition Indicators wherein she stressed the importance of accurate data since the BNS are responsible for data entry and its basic analysis.

She highlighted that they have to understand the data that they are gathering and the causes of malnutrition.

As nutrition is critical in achieving Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), the BNS should look into their data and determine how much more to work on to achieve MDG, she added.

“If we could not stop malnutrition today we will have a population of unproductive citizens” Dr. Palmes pointed out adding that malnutrition is a major concern, globally.



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