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1-2: The streets of San Miguel came to life as street dancers dazzle spectators with impressive choreography and an alluring display of colors during the San Miguel Town Fiesta Civic Parade and Launching of 1st Abaca Hag-ot Festival.

3: Festival Queen of Saint Therese of Child of Jesus Mission Church (Pagsangahan), brandishes a figurine of the municipality’s renowned patron saint.

4: One of the child dancers basks in the spotlight of the viewers’ eye during their extravagant display of colors.

5-6: Street dancers of St. Louis and Zelie Martin Parish creatively demonstrate the actual process of abaca stripping (hag-ot) through their lively performance.

7-9: The youthful presence of the dancers of St. Michael, the Archangel Parish anchored their performance on colorful and festive dance.

10-12: Paying homage to San Miguel’s rich history and customs, dancers of San Jose Maria Escriva Mission Church (Obo) highlighted the strength of their people despite destruction brought upon by passing typhoons. The Bangka was also used as a symbolical transportation for the people from OBO and other barangays in the mission church.

13-16: The red dancers of St. Therese present a wild, yet elegant performance featuring daring stunts and impeccable choreography.

17-19: In pure synchronization, St. Therese’s performers creatively use colorful props and abaca leaves to represent the resiliency of the crop which can be reflected by their people.

20: The young champions of San Miguel’s 1st Creative Dance Competition pose with the Board of the Judges.

21: Street Dance Competition Chairman Ms. Jenny S. Tabirao alongside the contest’s Board of Judges, Honorary Officials and San Miguel Mayor Francisco Camano Jr.


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