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Governor Cua Vintage Motorcycle

VINTAGE CHOICE: A look back at the Happy Island 360 Motorcycle Tourism with Gov. Cua’s 1958 BMW R50


If there were to be a crowd of vintage ride owners in the province, surely, our very own Gov. Joseph Cua would stand on the front line of this crowd. Yep! he is definitely an avid vintage wheels collector.


Gov. Joseph Cua is known to be an avid owner-collector of Volkswagen Beetle cars, a model of a vintage car, with a shape similar to a bug. Sometime in 2018, he even invited Volkswagen beetle car owners in Bicol for a ride here in Catanduanes. The idea? Advertise the beauty of Catanduanes through a tour in Catanduanes using the Volks Beetle cars.


Behind the seemingly serious and formal aura of our chief executive, is a cool guy with an interest in vintage cars and motorbikes– something that surprised many when he decided to join the Philippine Motorcycle Tourism 360-degree ride during the Abaca Festival celebration last May riding his vintage 1958 BMW R50.



The 1955 BMW R 55 has, at its heart, an air-cooled, four-stroke, 494cc, boxer twin-cylinder powerplant mated to a four-speed manual transmission, and can produce a claimed 26 horsepower at 5800 rpm.

Standard fittings for this machine include a telescopic front fork, a rear suspension composed of a long swinging arm with suspension units and oil pressure shock absorbers, a drum braking system, a single-seat, laced wheels, with a large headlamp, full fenders, and mid-mounted foot pegs.


Some known celebrities who also owned the same vintage car model are GMA Weather Anchor, Kuya Kim Atienza, and Star Wars Novels illustrator Craig Howell Holywood.


Other BMW bike owners are Orlando Bloom, Harrison Ford, Patrick Wilson, and Ewan Mcgregor.




The Happy Island 360 is an initiative, in partnership with the Philippine Motorbike Tourism to advertise the tourism industry in Catanduanes through a 360 Motorbike tour in the province.


Governor Cua, through the Provincial Tourism Office, plans to invite more Motorbike communities in the country to further boost the tourism industry in Catanduanes.



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