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The Municipality of Virac bagged 2 top prizes in the recently concluded Inter-municipality competition held at Virac Sports Complex.

IT’S THEIR BIG DAY. Day Care pupils along with their parents, teachers and MSWDOs from the eleven municipalities gather at the Virac Sports Complex to showcase their skills and talents in line with the celebration of National Children’s Month.

In line with the celebration of the National Children’s Month with the theme “Bata: Iligtas sa Droga,” Day Care pupils from the eleven municipalities joined the activity last Nov. 23 which was spearheaded by the Provincial Government through the Provincial Social Welfare and Development Office.

OUR CHILDREN DESERVE THE BEST. Represented by PBM Raffy Zuniega, Governor Joseph C. Cua conveys his message to the parents and their children emphasizing how letting the children express themselves can affect their social growth and development.

The activity showcased the talents and skills of the children in four categories: singing, folkdance, poem recitation and draw and tell.

HOW TO WIN THE COMPETITION. Group of children from the Municipality of Virac shows their prowess in folk dancing, as they won the first prize in the competition.

It also raised awareness about the negative effects of illegal drugs in the society reminding parents and everyone in the society the importance of guidance, proper discipline and strong support for children.

The Municipality of Virac won the Singing Contest as well as the Folkdance Competition.

Meanwhile, the Municipality of San Miguel won the poem recitation and Bagamanoc won the Draw and Tell.

PBM Raffy Zuniega conveying the message of Gov. Cua, remarked that the activity is an opportunity for the children to express themselves. He pointed out that it is important to provide them an avenue to build up confidence in their selves and trust in their skills and talents.

IMPRESSED BY THEIR PERFORMANCES. The judges listen carefully to one of the contestants of poem recitation after continuing the contest despite of some technical problems.

Governor Joseph C. Cua an advocate of children’s rights and welfare and as a parent assured that together with the Provincial Government will continue to support any event and activity geared towards the promotion of children’s rights and welfare.

“Bilang mga miyembro nin sarong comunidad, responsibilidad niato an mag-giya sa satuyang mga kaakian sadalan na madara sainda sa malinas na futurong gahalat sainda,” he said.

MAKING THEM PROUD. The children make their parents and teachers proud as they receive their awards and prizes after actively participating in the different competitions.

PBM Vincent V. Villaluna as the chairman of the board of judges during the competition commended the hardwork and sacrifices of the parents, Day Care teachers and workers as well as the Municipal Social Welfare and Development Officers for taking care of the children and securing their bright future.

Ms. Emily Mendoza of Department of Social Welfare and Development-Catanduanes Field Office and Ms. LilibethTabuzo of Department of Education likewise attended the event as judges.

IT’S A HAPPY DAY. Every kid’s best friend Jollibee joins the event making all the children very excited and happy.

Private organizations also gave support to the activities by giving the children treats and gifts.


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